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The Murder Mystery was a really fun event. It was extremely well put together − and great of you to undertake such a task!!

Thanks very much!


Murder Mystery hat mir viel Spass gemacht − vielen Dank!!!

Viele Gruesse

Thank you for organising the lovely picnic on Saturday. Wonderful crowd as always.

Kind regards

Dear Andrea,
After 5 amazing years in London, my post is coming to an end. I moving back to Chile on Friday 16th with the natural nostalgia of leaving such a fantastic city, but full of expectations of coming back home.

Being part of the foreign service I am pretty sure I will meet hundreds of nomads in the years to come and hopefully I will be in touch with the good friends I met here.

All the best for you and for The Nomads…Please keep this lovely group "up and running" and many thanks for your time, your dedication and for being always so full of positive energy !!!!!

Best Wishes !!!!!!!

Embassy of Chile

"…It is a wonderful way to sample a new place, whilst engaging in conversation and banter with interesting people from various parts of the world. To any expat who attends this events evening regularly, after a while, seeing familiar faces is part of the Nomads charm!

I highly recommend Nomads and wish Andrea and her team every success in developing the concept further."
Farzana, a Nomad who recently moved on… to South Africa

Speaker event with Britains Networking Queen Carole Stone

Carole Stone 'Britains Networking Queen' gives NOMADS an idea how good networking can transform your life.

Carole Stone, former producer of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions? programme, and, with more than 28,000 names in her address book, is acknowledged as Britain's networking queen. Leaving the BBC in 1990, Carole now works as a broadcaster and media consultant to a number of large companies, bringing together journalists, politicians and business people to discuss particular issues that interest them all. Today Carole is well-known for her 'salons' - regular gatherings at her Covent Garden flat - and her huge Christmas party which has become legendary. Carole wrote her first book (Networking - the Art of Making Friends) in 2000, and her second book (The Ultimate Guide to Successful Networking) was published in 2004. At this Nomads gathering Carole will be distilling the essence of all she has learned on how to make meeting new people and networking both fun and rewarding. You will have the opportunity to buy a Carole Stone book at a discounted Nomads price on the night.

  • Hi Andrea,

    I just thought I would send you a little e-mail to say well done for last Thursday. I thought the whole event went very well and I really enjoyed meeting so many interesting people. As usual Carole was an excellent speaker and was witty as well. I am sure the audience will have learnt a lot from her speech.

    See you at the next event!
    Tim x

  • Hello Andrea,

    Just a note to say thank you for organising the interesting guest speaker for February's Nomad drinks.

    I liked the down-to-earth and friendly talk that Carole gave. Very often networking has negative 'vibes' and some networkers can be elitist or snobby. However Carole really put the focus on the simple humanity of networking - that need and interest in meeting new people, making friends and social or professional contacts.

    This was my third or fourth Nomad event. I am very glad that my friends Ingrid and Roger recommended it to me. I've brought along Arlete, Freddie and Lei and so far they all enjoyed it too. I've always been someone to 'bring people' together and it is nice to meet so many people who do the same.

    Great web-site by the way,

  • Hi Andrea

    It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday evening.

    I had a very enjoyable evening. Met very interesting individuals and I am taking one of them to Primrose Hill this Sunday for brunch.

    She has never been and it's so nice introducing people who are new in London to places which have character but are less well known.

    So.....Carole's talk was very inspirational! What a great lady. And you too. I am so impressed with your dedication and hard work behind Nomads.

    I am keen to become a member and would appreciate your feedback on how to proceed.

    Thank you and kind regards

  • Dear Andrea

    What a great evening, I was delighted to talk to the Nomads last night. What a fascinating mix of members and guests, very lively and very rewarding as an audience. Thank you for your kind introduction and for inviting me to be with you.

    What you are doing is so very very worthwhile and you do it with grace and style. Well done. See you a little later I hope.


    Carole Stone
    Britains Networking Queen